Whitestone Property Management was created initially to serve Condominium Developers looking for responsible and knowledgeable staff, with the expertise to support the developers in creating a well run condominium. Whitestone Property Management’s team is trained and experienced from the development phase, through to the owner’s Annual Meeting and beyond.

We are experienced in creating and preparing an accurate first year operating budget, drawing from our data base of current and past incredibly successful projects. Our understanding of the Developers requirements under the Condominium Act ensures that all requirements are adhered to from construction and occupancy through to Performance Audits. Whitestone also conducts a pre-occupancy inspection and review of your drawings for operations as well as functionality to ensure the smallest details have not been overlooked.

Our Management team will prepare specifications and tender out all required contract services for maintenance, staffing, safety and security ensuring all cost saving measures are maximized to the fullest potential. We supervise all maintenance trades to establish and maintain the appearance of your development.

Our Management Team is well versed in the Condominium Act and current on all Tarion Warranty requirements to ensure proper reporting procedures are followed and Warranty items are not expensed as a maintenance item.

Our team will provide you, the Developer with accurate and timely financial reporting throughout the Developer’s expense period as well as the interim budget period. Our accounting software tracks all expenses and flags accounts to ensure that your first year operating budget is adhered to where possible to avoid deficits at year end.

The flexibility of Whitestone’s staff and their willingness to help as well as many years of experience and learning is an asset to any Developer looking for a management company. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in your upcoming projects.